GENESIS KINGDOM reproduces the same earth as the real earth on V nation, and the land is a virtual land managed by block chain.

In GENESIS KINGDOM, new economic zones are born one after another, and the economic zones are developed in a form linked to virtual land.

This land has the same structure as the real world economic zone and is recorded with ownership on the blockchain, which plays the same role as a certificate of all history matters (register copy) managed by the Legal Affairs Bureau

If you raise your first sale, you will have the same experience as the person who got the parcel, for example, when New York was still in the wild.

GENESIS KINGDOM's first sale
The sale will start in Japan.

When you acquire each prefecture, you can simultaneously obtain the ownership of the municipalities under it and sell it to a third party.

Applying is easy. You can install VC Wallet, select the land from the purchase page in the wallet, and purchase with Value Coin, GENESIS, ETH.

The purchaser's address is permanently engraved on the Ethereum network to secure its ownership.